CAMC is equipped to perform a wide range of surgeries, from spays and neuters to orthopedic surgeries to emergency exploratory procedures.

Dr. Suzy will perform a comprehensive examination and pre-surgical assessment on the day of your pet’s surgery, including pre-anesthetic blood testing (if indicated) to evaluate vital organ functioning and overall health.

All surgical patients receive intravenous fluids to hydrate, maintain blood pressure, and support kidney health. We use industry-leading equipment to measure vital signs continuously during anesthesia. A highly trained and experienced veterinary technician monitors each patient throughout his or her surgery and recovery from anesthesia.

We manage pain with a multi-modal approach utilizing analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications. We use local and regional nerve blocks, epidural anesthesia, and dermal pain patches as needed. The majority of our surgical patients are discharged the same day with at-home pain medications for post-operative comfort and optimal healing. Additional hospitalization may be recommended for surgical patients who require continued pain medications, intravenous fluids, and skilled nursing care.

Dr. Suzy will meet with you at the time of your pet’s discharge to discuss home care, feeding instructions, medications, and any further care that may be required. You will also receive a phone call the day after your pet’s surgery to make sure they are comfortable and feeling well. We know that caring for a pet after surgery can be stressful, and we are here to answer any questions you have and to support you until your pet has healed.

We also have close working relationship with a board-certified veterinary surgeon, Dr. Greg Marsoias, DVM, MS, Dipolmate ACVS. Dr. Marsolais provides mobile surgical services, so even if your pet is in need of a complex or advanced orthopedic or soft tissue surgery, we can offer Dr. Marsolais’ surgical expertise at our Cambria facility.

Dr. Marsolais is a mobile, board-certified veterinary surgeon who can travel to Cambria Animal Medical Center for surgical consults and/or for complex surgical procedures
Dr. Greg Marsolais, DVM, MS, Dipolmate ACVS