Thanks to the advancements in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer than ever. However with this increased lifespan comes an increase in the variety of age-related conditions and diseases your pet might develop, including osteoarthritis, kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease, cancer and diabetes.

If you notice any of the following changes in your senior pet, please call us and let us know as soon as possible: changes in mobility (limping, difficulty going up and down stairs, reluctance to jump, etc); unexplained weight loss or weight gain; excessive thirst and/or urination; loss of appetite, diarrhea or vomiting, coughing, and/or behavioral changes.

At CAMC, we pay special attention to your senior pet and do everything we can to keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible. Because we realize that pets age at a faster rate than do humans, we recommend that even healthy senior dogs and cats (age 8+) visit us every six months for a complete physical exam, so that we are able to detect any developing problems sooner rather than later.

Your senior pet’s wellness exam will include a health consultation where we discuss with you your pet’s medical history and any changes you might be noticing at home, a complete physical examination including an oral exam and pain assessment, nutritional counseling, diagnostic tests (blood tests, x-rays, etc) if necessary, and a discussion of personalized vaccinations and parasite prevention recommendations for your pet.