We use a digital radiograph machine (x-ray) in order to gather more information about problems that may be occurring in your pet’s chest, abdomen, or musculoskeletal system. In most cases, x-rays of your pet can be taken in just a few minutes (while you wait) without anesthesia or sedation. Dr. Suzy and Dr. Marsolais¬†are experienced in the interpretation of x-rays and, for more complicated cases, we can digitally send your pet’s x-rays to a board certified veterinary radiologist and can receive his or her second opinion within a matter of hours.

We also have a separate digital dental x-ray machine that is used specifically for taking x-rays of the teeth and to identify dental problems under then gum line. At CAMC, all pets having a dental treatment performed will have full-mouth dental x-rays taken in order to ensure that no tooth problems are missed and that your pet’s mouth is as healthy and comfortable as possible.

We use an ultrasound machine (similar to that which is used on pregnant women) is used to gather more information about your pet’s abdominal organs and other soft tissues. Sometimes we will refer patients to our local radiologist Dr. Andrew Jones at Central Vet Imaging in Grover Beach for detailed abdominal ultrasounds, ultrasound guided biopsies, and echocardiograms (ultrasound of the heart).